Here are just some of the testimonials that have been sent to Anna over the years, names have been removed to protect privacy! 


Thank you Anna for an amazing Shamanic Healing….Anna is a gifted healer who uses many of her trained skills throughout her healing sessions…I would highly recommend any of her treatments/workshops/therapies

I met Anna in a critical point in my life where I had decided I had suffered enough due to childhood emotional and sexual abuse. I wanted to be a good mother to my babies and in order to do that I had to face monsters from my past and terminate them, once and for all. I told myself I had nothing to loose, so I asked for help. Again. A different counsellor. Again. It was hard in the beginning, as I didn’t really see me able to trust another human being. But..I did. When Anna saw I was really dedicated to get better she introduced me to EFT. I didn’t realize it right then, but something amazing happened..I am now free. And I owe it to Anna as much as to myself. There were times in the past, when my life felt like a long dark tunnel. I KNEW there had to be a way out, because although we don`t see it we all feel deep inside that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE, always. Those times are gone, my scars are healed. And that`s all I have to say about that!

Anna is amazing and very knowledgeable about SO MANY different areas; from EFT, Psychotherapy, Angels, Crystals, Meditation, Reiki. She is unbelievable! Never met anyone as amazing! Love the meditation classes and cannot wait to start Reiki classes with her.

I would highly recommend Anna and the Counselling and Therapy Service she provides. Anna takes a professional yet endearing approach to her work environment and truly focuses on the client at hand. Her Shamanic Healing journey will truly get to a core issue, whether it’s an obvious or not so issue! It establishes a connection with the clients soul power, animal and spirit guides, and reinforces how to deal with said issue, providing a strengthened aura. Anna channels these energies so well, and is honest and open with the information she has received during the healing journey.

Her Reiki hands are very direct, strong energies flow through and you can feel blockages clearing, pain lifting and it allowed me within 24hrs to tackle a lawnmower when the day before I could barely move my head or walk without wincing.

I see the service as extremely client based throughout, reasonable and affordable fees, professional service in a down to earth comfortable environment created by Anna and her work.

I was so lucky to have Anna to help me through a very difficult time in my life. She is not only an experienced and professional Counsellor but a kind and caring person which instantly made me feel like everything was going to be ok. She has a very special gift and was, for me, a beaming light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I now count her among my blessings of life.

After my marriage breakup, life seemed to spiral out of control and I discovered confiding in family was sometimes counter-productive.  I was quite cynical about counselling but knew I needed to talk to someone outside my usual circle.  It took a few attempts before I found someone I clicked with, and that was Anna.  She was positive and practical and I relaxed enough in her company to pour my heart out.  She gave me the space to find my own answers and I’d definitely recommend her as a strong, realistic woman of our time

I initially saw Anna as my Counsellor. I had a lot of issues from my past that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. I felt very alone and was unsure if I could be helped as I had tried so many other avenues before. Thankfully Anna was different, she was not just a counsellor, and did not  hmmm and raise eyebrows at my awkward bodily reactions to questions..instead she was warm and empathetic. .seemed genuinely interested and concerned with my life.

She had a number of tools we were able to utilise during the course of our sessions. One of these I found particularly invaluable, and still use today, this is EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapy. It does exactly what it says on the tin! When I reached a stumbling block in therapy after unraveling so much trauma, EFT was the technique that removed the final  memories of trauma from my cells. It was the perfect solution after talk therapy..this was a directed but free flowing technique where I could remove the final layers of pain. It seemed too easy at first… just tapping and talking… but with Anna’s help it really worked wonders for me! Best of all I can now use it myself, which I do religiously. Anna’s teaching of EFT has given me the emotional freedom I thought I would never have…and the technique to remain free. I can’t recommend Anna and EFT highly enough.

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