Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic counselling brings together ancient healing methods with modern technology, where the Shamanic practitioner counsels the client on how to work with what are known as the true counsellors:  their Spirit Guides.

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It is a powerful, transformative method, a spiritual form of counselling and guidance, that follows the techniques of shamanism, which is an ancient strategy that dates back between 50,000-100,000,  for contacting and utilising hidden reality or non-ordinary reality to acquire knowledge, healing for oneself and others and problem solving.  The Shamanic Counselling method was developed as a highly effective system of personal problem-solving and personal empowerment.

Over the course of as many sessions needed, facilitated and supported by the Shamanic Counsellor the client learns to journey safely and begins to understand how Spirit communicates with him/her, builds on his/her own relationship and guidance from spirit, that results in understanding and trusting the wisdom revealed.

Shamanic counselling is a collaborative process and the actual teachers and mentors are the spirits. I can journey on your behalf if you wish or you can learn to journey for yourself and in this way connect with your spirit-helpers in a personal way, who might introduce themselves to you in the form of animal-guides, or teachers in other appearances.

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In a shamanic counselling session we will first explore what it is you wish help, guidance or healing for and then formulate together a clear intention with which you go on a shamanic journey.

In order to connect with spirit helpers and receive help, the person going on a journey shifts consciousness slightly by the way of ‘riding on the beat of the drum; this means the person listens to a regular drum-beat for the duration of the journey (15-20 min) , which helps to  shift  consciousness and connect with the spirit world, ‘non-ordinary reality’.

The journeying person is encouraged to speak out aloud what s/he sees, hears and experiences. It is recorded this and on return to ‘ordinary reality’ we listen together to the recorded journey. This is helpful in order to process and draw out the teachings. You keep the recording of your journey after the session.

Then, in this safe and nurturing space you are supported to reflect on and process what cam up, bringing the knowledge, help and healing from the journey into the everyday life.

Shamanic Counselling gives you a sense of empowerment and allows you to be your own healer. You are in the driver seat so to speak. Following a course of Shamanic Counselling sessions, you have the understanding and confidence to be able to utilise the Shamanic Counselling process as your own self help and healing tool at home going forward in your life if you ever feel the need to do so!

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Who is Shamanic Counselling for?

Shamanic counselling is great for individuals who want to receive, healing, direction and wisdom from their own Guides, and honour the guidance, wisdom and healing received –by incorporating it in their life, which returns to an individual a personal deeper connection with Spirit.

You may have a question or a problem you would like to find an answer to, for example, “What is my life purpose?”, “Why am I here?”, “Where has this pain come from?”, “What is this fear about?” It can be anything you are curious about and would like to get to the bottom of. You have the opportunity in Shamanic Counselling to travel through levels of consciousness to non-ordinary realms to meet with your future self, your past self, or indeed past lives to ask questions or gather information and teaching for yourself to further help you along your life path.

You can travel back for example to your younger self and give yourself love, nurturing and healing, where it may not have been available to you as a child or during a lifetime event, the opportunities are endless.

If you are considering Shamanic counselling you need to ask yourself if you are really committed and open to change.

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