Shamanic Apprenticeship



One-to-one (or small groups max. 4) personalised training and apprenticeship with Midlands Irish Shamanism.

This is a very personalised and in-depth training program in Native Irish Shamanic and Healing practice and is undertaken as a mutual partnership between teacher and student.

Shamanism is not a religion, it is a Spiritual path that encompasses all faiths, beliefs and religions. For more information on Shamanic Healing and techniques please visit this website.

The aim being deep personal healing and working towards qualifying as a Bean or Fear Feasa (Wise Woman or Man) i.e. Shamanic Practitioner or Therapist of the Irish Celtic tradition.

Essentially, people choose apprenticeship on their Shamanic path, as opposed to weekend workshops etc,  as this is the most traditional way of training and learning these skills and allows for greater connection between teacher and student, more in-depth learning and more profound shifts in healing to occur.

Each request is dealt with on an individual basis as places are very  limited due to the intensity and time taken with each student in training.

Generally we would meet in person on a monthly basis for around 2 hours with the bulk of the work being completed by the student in the between-time. I can be contacted at any time if the need arises between meetings.

Training also includes ritual 8 times a year at the time of the Celtic Quarter Days and Fire Festivals following the Wheel of The Year.

The length of this apprenticeship varies by student and work is conducted along the students own time-frame. The minimum length of time commitment  required would be 2-3 years, though depending on a lot of factors this can run longer;  1-2 years to complete the basic training and a further year or more to be able to work with and practice on others/clients (advanced apprenticeship).

People feel drawn to look into a Shamanic path for many reasons. It is a deeply spiritual path connecting with the old traditions, the land and ancestors. These traditions are reshaped and revitalized by those of us who, in each succeeding generation, choose to work with them. They bring great healing, peace and understanding to our ever changing world.

The areas that are covered and the skills gained depend very much on the student, but will generally include the following-

  • Introduction to Irish Shamanic practice, Animism and Imbas
  • Leaning to journey and trance work
  • Meeting and working with your Guides / allies 
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Working with the Wheel of The Year and Celtic Festivals
  • The Tree of the World and the Three Realms
  • Making a Cord of Protection
  • Consecration of Sacred Items
  • Working with the 4 elements and 4 directions
  • Finding and working with your Inner Shaman Teacher 
  • Meeting your own ‘Shadow Self’ and incorporating him/her into your whole
  • Healing and working with the Three Cauldrons of Poesy
  • The Ninefold and introduction to Women’s Mysteries
  • Creating and working with the tools of the trade- Crane Bag, drum, rattle, Silver Branch, Bear Pouch etc
  • Ancestral work
  • Meeting and working with Deity, The Green Man and Seasonal Guides
  • Working with the Sidhe (faery realm)
  • The four Sacred Treasures and Cities of the Tuatha De Dannan
  • Divination, Seer, Oracle and Pool of Seeing
  • Healing with trees, herbs, flowers and the natural landscape
  • Hands-on Healing
  • Cord-cutting and curse removal
  • Power Retrieval (Lifeforce) and Power Animal Retrieval
  • Past Life and Ancestral pattern Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Negative Entity Removal and Extractions
  • Psychopomp work (assisting un-crossed spirits to cross over)
  • Land and house blessings and clearings

You will also have the opportunity to attend ‘add-on’ workshops if you wish to and accompany and aid me during certain client work such as house clearings etc

Please contact Anna on 085-9371879 or below to discuss training and apprenticeship options and opportunities.

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