Power Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval and Life-Force Renewal

Do you ever feel powerless and unable to face the challenges that life throws at you? Do you ever feel exhausted at the thought of facing another day? Life is tough sometimes – it’s how we grow, learn and evolve – and when we are feeling lost and are struggling to cope with the latest upheaval we may need to call on Spiritual assistance to help us navigate the lessons we are here to learn.

Power Retrieval returns vital and protective life-force energy that you lost at some point in life. Power loss could occur at any point when you felt that your power was taken away from you or felt that you gave your power away (perhaps bullying, being talked down to or shouted at, abused, undermined, manipulated etc.). It could be any incident, situation or condition, even something that may seem small to others, but resulted in you feeling literally ‘powerless’ in some way.

The loss of this energy may have left you vulnerable to illness or dis-ease (mental, emotional, physical), chronic bad luck, accidents, feeling stuck etc.  Power Retrieval restores your personal power, bringing back supportive, positive energy that offers protection and gives you the opportunity to feel healthier, stronger and more vibrant.

Shamanic Power Retrieval enables you to take back your personal power parts. It restores your energy, personal power and brings the joy back into your life, giving you the confidence to manage difficult situations.

Many people report feeling a sense of wholeness, peace, joy and vibrancy after power retrieval and discover a life-changing light-heartedness, inner strength and calmness that enables them to develop greater self-esteem and make positive and healthy changes in their lives.

Common Symptoms of Power Loss

General symptoms are most often as follows

  • Very low energy levels, constant tiredness
  • Low mood, depression, anxiety and illness
  • Chronic adversity  such as misfortune and ill health
  • Lack of direction and purpose
  • A sense or belief of not belonging
  • A sense of numbness or feeling stuck
  • Feeling scared and lacking confidence
  • Allowing others to treat us badly
  • Unable to make positive changes or take action on your dreams
  • Suicidal feelings

What are the benefits of Power Retrieval?

There are many benefits of Power Retrieval. These are just a few of the thing that can help you move from a place of loss to strength. These include;

  • The ability to create desired life changes.
  • Greater confidence in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries
  • Increase in sense of personal power.
  • Increased feeling of wholeness and well-being.
  • Greater ability to overcome addictions and maintain life changes.
  • Stronger connection to Spirit Guides.
  • Emotional healing in areas such as depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Strengthened immune system.
  • Greater energy and generally more strength to overcome difficulties

On top of finding your lost power, you will also find that the process has helped you heal the pain or trauma that you have been holding on to. The ability to accept and move past your pain will allow you to take great strides in your personal and professional life as you become a more confident person.

Power Animal Retrieval

A relationship with your Power Animal is a guaranteed connection to the wisdom, love, protection and abundance of our universe.  A Power Animal is a gift and deepening the relationship with it is both an honor and a joy. To discover the identity of your own Power Animal, either on your own, or with the assistance of a Shamanic Practitioner can bring you deep healing, open up doors of adventure, joy and magic that will change your life.

Power Animals are protective, guardian spirits. We all have them, whether or not we are consciously aware of them. Children are more aware than adults which is seen reflected in their strong and loving attachment to toy animals and pets. Many indigenous people believe that childhood cannot be survived without the guardianship of these spirit allies. They protect us, keep us full of power, health and enthusiasm and prevent negative energies and illnesses from entering our energy field.

The Shamanic Practitioner relationship to his or her Power Animal is critical to the success of any healing work they do. They draw upon the wisdom, guidance and protection of their Power Animals to conduct their work in ordinary reality. Each animal carries with it a specific quality or “medicine” that belongs to that particular species.  If your Power Animal is a horse, for example, you benefit from the characteristics of the entire species of Horse. A wolf Power Animal imbues you with the overall qualities of Wolf and so on. Generally we only have one main Power Animal but sometimes certain people may have more than one depending on the kind of work they may be doing , plus many people have other helping animal spirits that may be called in for specific helping tasks.

Sometimes a Power Animal leaves suddenly for unknown reasons, can be stolen or captured by malevolent forces. When this happens, the person may become extremely bereft and dis-empowered and the result  may make life very challenging indeed. The services of a Shamanic Practitioner can retrieve the power animal for the client in “non-ordinary” reality (assisted by their own Power Animal!) and return it to the client in this reality.

With your Power Animal returned to your side you will feel more powerful, protected and supported, able to move forward with your life, feel whole and often feel like your senses are sharper or heightened!

Most Power Animals (although not all) have messages to pass along to the client. It can be anything from the person’s role on this earth, information about past lives, warnings if the person is veering form their purpose or affirmation if the person is on the right path.

The form a Power Animal takes is also a message to the client. There is something in the form – a bear, a snake or a crow, for example – that has something to teach the client or is a reflection of the client and deserves further exploration.

What I love about facilitating Power Animal retrievals for clients is that a Power Animal has the ability to reveal much about the client’s soul purpose, and it can be absolutely illuminating for a client to experience, for the first time, how the Spirit world views them.

It’s a profound acknowledgement that yes, you exist, that you’re on the right path, and that you are loved, that often leaves the client in tears as the relief of this knowledge sinks in. There is something incredibly validating in knowing that the Spirits not only are aware of you, but they are actively supporting and protecting you. You are not alone here!

For many, a Power Animal retrieval offers a glimpse of personal redemption and a reminder that no matter what they’ve done or what their circumstance is or was, they are sacred, they are loved, and they are supported.

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