Spirit Guided Oracle Readings


This is a system of Oracle, Divination (Fortune Telling) and Healing for the mind, body, spirit, environment (home or work for example), any issues that come up can be looked at during the session or in subsequent sessions if you wish.

It also gives answers and clues to any questions you might have regarding the present and future with regards to love, career, finances, travel, opportunities, obstacles, path ahead etc

I have spent the last 10+ years working on a system of Native Fortune-Telling (divination) & healing on a fully holistic- mind, body, spiritual and environmental level.

It is based on all my experience, studies and work, over 11 years, in the areas of Counselling/Psychotherapy, Native Celtic Shamanic therapy, Spiritual, Druidic Nature-based healing and Pendulum Healing and Divination. 

Sessions will last approx. 1 hour and cost €50 or 1.5 hours for €60.

Results have been phenomenal so far, with healing, knowledge and clearing at a deep level.


‘I was in with Anna the other day, 1st time having anything like this and I was speechless with it. 

Hit the nail on the head with many things. 

I’m so glad I had this, will definitely get another one soon. 

Thanks again, it has helped me out and put my mind at ease about things” Jason K

“I cant believe how spot on you were! Everything made sense and was so true even before you knew what it really meant you described my life so accurately, made me feel confident in my choices past and future” Mary L

“Anna is a lovely genuine lady x i highly recommend her. I had this done last week and everything she said was spot on even though I didn’t realise some of it at the time” Mark J

“Lovely, inspirational experience. Was so light after being with Anna in Oak Tree she’s full of positivity. Thank you xx” Sean C

“Incredibly accurate and the information, guidance and healing I received was just amazing !! Anna also did a lovely relaxing meditation with me to help me relax which was lovely. Highly recommend !! Thank you” Siobhan C

Please call/text Anna on 085-9371879 to book an appointment or for more info

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