House/Land Clearing

House / Land Blessings and Clearings of Negative Energy, Spirits, Geopathic issues and other Earth-Based Energy Work.

We have all walked into a home or office and felt uncomfortable.
The reasons for this can be caused by Earth energy disturbances, predecessor energy, spirits, negative entities and Geopathic Stress.
A Spiritual House Cleansing service rids your home of negative energy due to Spirits, Geopathic Issues, Death, Divorce, Bankruptcy or other problems. Anna is a skilled energy worker in this area.

Available Services:
House Clearing and Electromagnetic healing
Earth Energy Services
Spirit Communication
Paranormal, Entity Healing
Geopathic Issues- Leylines and underground water/streams etc
Land and House Blessings
Entity Removal

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Reasons to call
* When moving into a new home
* Your health isn’t great
* You feel uncomfortable in your home like someone is watching you
*You’d like to sell your home or business and it isn’t working
* To release trapped spirits, ghosts or other unwanted energies
* Before constructing a new home
* After a divorce or separation
* If there is an unexplained illness
* After an illness or death
* To release grief or sadness
* To bring in positive energy before a celebration
* After acts of violence or anger
* If things seem to be confusing around your home or office


There are in fact three distinct areas in house clearing work and for complete space clearing we must consider them all.

One major problem area is negativity from geological anomalies and underground water  in or about buildings.
The two other very important categories are
1 – strong emotional imprints in a place, and
2 – any old ‘residual spirit’ type energy left in the building

Each successful house clearing looks at all three. When you think about it this makes perfect sense.
We all know that in practice energy difficulties rarely relate to one simple factor. And with house clearing experience tells us the same thing it shows us clearly that problems here come from some combination of the following,
1 – black streams or lines
2 – strong emotional imprints
3 – old residual energies
And what’s more…there is also a correct space clearing sequence a step by step way to work when clearing each house to ensure best results because just as each individual is different, each place is also different. And naturally then, each clearing is a very different in it’s own individual way.

High levels of success come from experience gained in the field. Getting this right gets house clearing right and brings the best positive change to the whole energy of the house – land – workplace involved.


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There are in fact three distinct areas to be addressed in house clearing work, and this is often an important one of them.
The effects of Negative Emotional Imprints and how to heal with them.
Emotional imprints in a building are most commonly felt in it’s energy, and through definite changes in our feelings as we pass from room to room. Though we rarely stop to think upon it, we encounter subtle changes of this nature between different rooms in practically every house we enter, but it is only in circumstances where such feelings are dramatic and overwhelming, that corrective action to disperse them is necessary.

For instance….

if a room in the house has been used for a long unhappy convalescence more especially where the person subsequently died there this may leave residual pervading feelings of melancholy or coldness in the room. With experience, we can track down such depleting energy to negativity on a specific item, maybe clothing or furniture etc.

Negatively ‘charged’ items generate discomfort in a room, or indeed throughout a whole house in some cases,as a direct result of their strongly ‘held’ sad memories of the past.

In general of course, we cherish our many mementos,treasuring them for the happy memories they bring us, but it is equally true that sometimes an item can be carrying strong negative ‘unhappy’ vibes around it.

Emotional imprints are cleared using an experienced combination of space clearing methods.

The first thing to do is dislodge any stale energies in rooms and spaces this is traditionally done with drumming, rattling and sound. Then the whole house is gone through and sage, incense and fragrant herbs are burned to clear the negative energy.

Individual items of furniture etc are also closely checked for negative energies and treated or removed as required.

Finally the energy, vitality and love levels of the house are raised and the whole house is blessed.


Where intention goes – energy flows. Spiritual House Clearing is the technique of taking disruptive energies and transforming them into energies that are healing and helpful. To accomplish this a variety of practices are used, determined by the type of disturbance or obstacle presented. Shamanic Techniques are basic to virtually every culture and work with the spirits of the land and the elements. Geopathic Stress is a condition that reflects pathogenic forces in the earth surrounding a home and can be relieved by working with the Earth Energies in techniques which act in a similar fashion to acupuncture, literally placing stones or triskels in the earth in Sacred Geometric patterns to realign the earth energy. Often problems with man made energies emerge that are pathogenic, such as radiation or Electromagnetic Force (EMF). These may be cleared with the use of simple devices that transmute or redirect the energy. Clearing Spirits is often required, They are far more common than you may imagine and far less fearsome than we have been lead to believe.

House Clearing for Selling
Trying to sell your home? Why not clear away any negative energies that may have settled in. Create a warm, welcoming feeling for prospective buyers!
Getting ready to buy a new home? Often homes that are on the market have just been through tremendous turmoil, this negative energy can linger in the home and can be cleared away before you move in!

House Clearing
Daily life can sometimes fill a home with negative energies that can make us irritable and can even cause families to quarrel. Free your home from these energies and enjoy home life as it should be!

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Often our place of business bears witness to a lot of stress and frustration, this negativity can stick around long after the days work is done, waiting to greet you and your customers first thing in the morning. Regular clearings of energy can bring harmony to the office and make for a much more productive environment.

House and Land Blessings
Ceremonies are actions that focus our intentions and bring us more into harmony with the forces of the universe. They are a way of celebrating or asking for help. We all have our morning rituals, the morning cup of coffee, reading the paper, walking the dog or getting the kids off to school. Most people still yearn for rituals that appeal to the forces of nature and spirit, because in days gone by we worshiped that way. Rituals appeal to something deep inside of us and we feel better after we have participated in them. Rituals have a great spiritual cleansing effect on us and our environments, because they touch and inspire those parts of our nature of which we are not ordinarily aware.

All ceremonies are performed with the utmost integrity. We work with you to help you focus your intentions on whatever it is that you are celebrating, desiring to accomplish or releasing. We use the four directions and four elements (water, earth, fire and air) in our ceremonies, as within these are the powers of all living things, mineral, plant, animal and human. These energies help us bring rituals and ceremonies alive.

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