Entity Removal

Personal Clearing of attachments, negative entities, incursions, cord-cutting, curse removal and house/land clearings of negative energies, spirits, geometric stress and ley-lines. 

Sessions can last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours long depending on the individual case.

It is a simple fact that the VAST majority of us humans are carrying some kind of negative attachments in one form or another… also known as entities, negative energies, spirit incursions, hauntings by ghosts, poltergeists, demonic possessions, gateways etc.

Do ghosts really exist? After people die, can they still continue to hang around and haunt a person or a place? Can entities cause problems for us? Can supernatural or paranormal events be real? After dowsing, healing  and teaching for a few years now with some focus on personal energy clearing and space clearing, my answer to those questions is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, this aspect of my work has become quite common and seems to becoming more and more common as the weeks and months go by.

What are these entities?

Entities are spirit beings, that means they have a non-physical body and live in the realm of spirit, to be specific, on the astral plane. Entities are not spirits of deceased humans or animals but something else altogether. They have been called astral wildlife, which I feel is a good descriptive term. Entities really belong in the demonic realm, but many are living on the lower astral planes which are interlaced with our physical world.

Entities vary in size from tiny beings the size of an insect to huge forms of several meters long, they also come in many shapes. Some look similar to beings from our animal kingdom, others look completely alien. The most common I have encountered look like black worms, others have non-human looking faces with horns etc. and others are just like circling spiral shapes of darkness!

Like all beings entities need to feed! And what they feed on is the energy of living beings such as humans and animals. Some just feed on your energy and others in particular on what we would associate with as ‘negative’ emotions such as; fear, anger, violence, greed, pain, despair etc.

In order to do this they attach themselves to the energy field or aura of a person/animal/place and then start drinking their energy! In essence entities are like vampires and parasites, for they feed on others’ life force (prana / chi / spirit). Many entities have a very low level of intelligence and no actual consciousness of their own and to them a human being is just food. You could compare those with mosquitoes or leeches.

And there are other entities with consciousness which are intelligent and cunning and know exactly what they are doing — which is much more than just take your energy. Some of those are very powerful and have been around for a long time. These ancient and highly developed entities we call demons. For now it shall suffice to say that demons are wilier and more dangerous entities and that they are more difficult to remove.

Others are from other dimensions and planets and have different agendas of their own, they are less common but I do come across them at times.

Could I have entities?

Unfortunately yes! About 99% of modern people have entities. Basically anybody who hasn’t done extensive and deep spiritual work will often have entities. There are many reasons why people have entities. Part of this is vulnerability to entities because of weaknesses in the aura, part of it is lifestyle related (drugs, alcohol abuse etc.) A wise shaman was once asked by a student how you know that you have entities. He answered: “if your life is a mess you have entities!” And that is definitely true. On the other hand, if your life seems quite peaceful and calm, that doesn’t mean you have no entities, you may just not have so many and not of the worst kind, or, more likely your entities are dormant because you are living a materialistic life!

Entities usually get active when you start to do something spiritual, when you engage in serious spiritual practices and come closer to your Higher Self. That is when entities feel threatened and begin to put obstacles in your path and mess your life up.But don’t blame it on your spiritual practices, they only shined the light on what was hidden away in the dark for a long time. As long as you are living a lower-vibration life entities usually operate in hidden. Entities are devious and the problems they cause in your life can be devestating.

How Entities can affect you

The one thing that all entities have in common is that they feed on your energy. A person who has many entities or a couple of huge ones will generally have low energy. Some people who have serious entity infections will feel cold a lot, but that alone is not an indication. The general rule is the more entities you have, the less energy and vitality you have. Entities can cause physical problems or pain in the part of the body or the energy area where they are stuck.

Most entities will eventually cause physical disease and problems. Extreme entity infestation could in the worst case scenario lead to premature death as the entities will deplete your life force and / or wreck vital organs.

I would like to point out that we are talking about a shamanic concept of disease here, and not what is “believed” to be the cause of disease according to traditional medicine. Shamans see disease in a very different way and treat it in a completely different way. If a problem is caused by entities it is quite easy to deal with. But not every physical problem is caused by entities! However the good news is that entities can be dealt with, and that you don’t have to keep them!

The more advanced and cunning entities have another agenda altogether: to cause separation. As entities are demonic beings, they loathe Oneness and try everything to separate you from the Oneness with God/Goddess/All-That-Is. They achieve this by pushing your buttons and creating negative emotions in you, such as despair, apathy and unreasonable fear. In some cases when a person is being “possessed” by very powerful entities or demons their character will change drastically, as the entities influence them, and in the worst cases even run their lives!

You can be sure that entities are not going to create a life of prosperity, abundance and joy for you! The opposite is the case. Their agenda is pain! The more you are in despair, the further you will drift away from your natural state of enthusiasm and joy which is close to Oneness.

Therefore entities will try to create such situations in your life that will cause you maximum pain. And, they try to lead you astray spiritually wherever they can, leading you to false teachers, and scaring you of the real ones who could help you! Their purpose is to keep you from finding your power, which would make an end to them! While you have entities you will never fully get into your power nor to the Oneness!

If you seek out a healer or teacher who has real power, meaning the power to remove entities and demons, or the power to help you find the Oneness, the entities will do everything to prevent you from getting there! Your car may suddenly break down, a family problem arises, or you may get freaked out and suddenly fear the healer. As astral beings the entities can hear your thoughts as if you spoke them out loud.

They know exactly what you are up to, what you fear, etc. Entities know every one of your buttons and every one of your weaknesses and will exploit them mercilessly! If you are a lazy person, they will manipulate you with your tendency to be lazy. So instead of doing meditation or going to a healer you stay at home and watch telly and have a couple of beers. If your tendency is being fearful, they will tell you the healer is “dark”, and whisper in your ear that you should look for somebody more gentle and “angelic” — probably leading you to a false teacher or an evil person wearing the cloak of “love and light”. The entities will have no problems letting you go to a Reiki healer because Reiki doesn’t remove entities! They may lead you to false teachers, and to those who have no real power but put up a struggle when you do something that can make a real shift in your life.

Some entities will try to destroy specific aspects of your life, such as your relationships, family life, or your health. Entities can make people angry, violent, and act totally out of character. A person with willpower, integrity and a strong spiritual connection will not easily be taken over by entities, but the weak-willed, the already violent and angry, and those under the influence of alcohol and drugs will fall prey to entities’ manipulations very easily. People who haven’t integrated their shadow and are in ego are also more susceptible to entity control! A word of warning: never engage in conversation with your entities, neither out loud nor mentally! If you do you will soon develop a co-dependent relationship with your entities, besides you run the risk of a psychotic break!

How Entities Get In

There are various ways of getting entities, and various activities and lifestyle choices that predispose you to them. There are also places that teem with entities and people who can transmit them to you, so be careful where you go and with whom you mix!

Holes in the Aura: This is the most common way for entities to get in. An intact aura will protect you quite well against entities. The only problem is very few people have an intact aura. You develop holes in your aura if, for example, you had surgery. When an incision into your skin is made, the energy field is opened up as well and entities can get in. This is aggravated by the fact that hospitals are among the worst places to be with an open aura because many earthbound spirits, spirits of the recently deceased and entities are hanging around in hospitals! And secondly, unconsciousness makes you prone to possession by entities – both these factors usually come together during surgery in a hospital. So, if you ever had surgery you probably have entities.

Soul Loss: You can also get holes in the aura because you had a soul loss. This is a shamanic term for losing a part of yourself, part of your spirit soul because of a great trauma or a prolonged period of suffering and unhappiness. When you lose a piece of your soul it leaves a big hole in your aura. This type of hole cannot be closed by mere aura healing, Reiki or crystal healing. For it to be permanently closed the missing soul piece has to be retrieved and reinstalled by an experienced shaman. This procedure is called soul retrieval.

In terms of entities this means, if you lost a loved one (whether a beloved human or a beloved pet) and never got over it, if you had a traumatic accident or any other great loss or trauma or period of prolonged unhappiness you can be sure that you have holes in your aura caused by soul loss, and, you can be quite sure that you have entities as well! In these cases it is not enough to just remove all the entities, the soul loss needs to be fixed by a proper soul retrieval, or you soon will attract new entities that plague you!

Drugs: The use of drugs or alcohol also creates holes in the aura! This means if you have ever been drunk, even once in your whole life, if you have ever smoked marijuana or taken any other drugs, even once, you are prone to have entities. Alcoholics and drug addicts usually have an aura that resembles Swiss cheese and tend to have more entities than a flea-ridden dog has fleas! Having close contact with substance abusers can expose you to their entities as well.

And there are various other causes for holes in the aura as well, such as physical injury and trauma, emotional problems, or insufficiently developed chakras. Sometimes a person’s energy body can already be incomplete or damaged from birth, for example if they had a big trauma in a past life. In the end any kind of weakness in the aura will expose you to entities. I have yet to see a person with a completely intact energy body.

Unconsciousness: Whenever you are unconscious you do not inhabit your body. It doesn’t matter whether this unconsciousness was caused by anaesthesia, the use of drugs, or by fainting from low blood pressure. Whenever you are out, other things can get in. A person who is drunk or on drugs may not be fully unconscious, but they are still “out of it” and that is enough to open them up to entities. If you have ever been unconscious you are likely to have entities.

Intimate Contact: During intercourse of a lower nature entities are being transferred. When your Muladhara chakra (a.k.a. base chakra) is linked to the Muladhara chakra of another, as happens during intercourse, entities have a free-way into your body! If the one you are sleeping with is an alcoholic, a drug addict, or a negative man / woman who is full of entities, you can be sure that you will pick up many entities!

Even if your partner appears to be nice, but in their mind they are only thinking of themselves, basically using you for their gratification, they will still transfer entities to you. The only way to make sure that you are not picking up entities during intercourse is to only have Sacred Sex. Sacred sex is when the man sees the Goddess in the woman and she sees the God in him in hetro-normative terms (of course there are many other versions of this such as God to God, Goddess to Goddess or any other combination thereof!). However, please note that if this is one-sided it will not work.

People with serious entity problems can sometimes be so negative that mere contact with them is enough to transfer entities to you! In some cases just having them in your house will do it! Like lice, entities like to jump to a fresh source of energy from time to time. And if you are open at that moment, because you had a few glasses of wine, or recently had surgery, or simply because you have holes in your energy field, some of their entities may jump over!

Crowds: Many people together in the same space enable entities to jump over to new hosts with ease. Have you ever been in a crowd and come home with a terrible headache, even though you are not normally prone to headaches? If so you probably picked something up in the crowd. It is generally a good procedure to take a shower, put on new clothes and do psychic cleansing such as smudging whenever you come home after having been in contact with many people or in a crowd.

Sorcery or Psychic Attack: Entities and demons can also be sent to a person by sorcery (commonly known as “black magic”). When entities are sent by a sorcerer they are much more persistent than ordinary entities which are basically just opportunists. Let me explain: if you are in an area where there are entities, and they see you as an easy victim, because your energy field is wide open, or because you happen to be drunk, they may get into you. If on the other hand you are well-shielded, with an intact aura and totally sober and in possession of yourself, the entities are not likely to go for you. They will look for an easier victim. Even a lion will hunt the weakest animal in the herd.

If however somebody has cursed or hexed you, the entities will throw themselves at you constantly until they get through your defences and break through your intact aura or shields. Even the strongest protection will break down eventually under such onslaught. If somebody sends you entities by sorcery you will need an experienced shaman / witch / magician who knows how to deal with sorcery to sort that problem out for you!

Earthbound or Uncrossed Spirits

Earthbound Spirits are human beings who have lived on Earth, whose physical bodies have died, but for some reason, they chose not to enter the tunnel and follow the Light to join their loved ones in the Higher Realms. They were too attached to a person, a place, or to physical life itself. Some are confused because they died tragically, such as in an accident or through suicide. Earthbound Spirits are still aware of their physical surroundings and can see and hear the people around them, but most people cannot see or hear them. These disembodied souls get trapped in the astral plane, the energy or spiritual dimension just behind our physical dimension.

As living physical human beings, we exist in both the physical dimension, or Earth plane, and the astral plane, yet most of us are aware only of the physical Earth plane. Earthbound Spirits exist primarily in the astral plane, yet they are still somewhat aware of the Earth plane. Some stay in the astral plane after physical death for only a few days, weeks, or months before they move on, sometimes until after the funeral or some other event; others get trapped for many years. They do not realize that they have trapped themselves nor are they aware of the problems they may be causing for those remaining on the physical Earth plane.

They require help to cross over to the Light, in Shamanic terms this is called Psychopomp work.

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