Download Free Shamanic Drumming Tracks

Below are four Shamanic drumming tracks that you can download for free to use for deep relaxation, meditation or Shamanic journeying.

There are 2 x 10 minute tracks and 2 x 20 minute tracks, one of each has a *’call back’* at the end and the other doesn’t, so you can choose which version suits your needs best at the given time!

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“Laboratory research by Neher has demonstrated that drumming produces changes in the central nervous system. The rhythmic stimulation affects the electrical activity in ‘many sensory and motor areas of the brain, not ordinarily affected, through their connections with the sensory area being stimulated.’

This appears to be due in part to the fact that the single beat of the drum contains many sound frequencies, and accordingly it simultaneously transmits impulses along a variety of nerve pathways in the brain.

Furthermore, drum beats are mainly of low frequency, which means that more energy can be transmitted to the brain by a drum best than from a sound stimulus of higher frequency. This is possible, Neher states, because ‘the low frequency receptors of the ear are more resistant to damage than the delicate high frequency receptors and can withstand higher amplitudes of sound before pain is felt’.”

“Jilek and Ormestad found that drum beat frequencies in the theta wave EEG frequency range (four to seven cycles per second) predominated during initiation procedures using the Salish deer-skin drum. This is the frequency range, Jilek notes, that ‘is expected to be most effective in the production of trance states.”

Excerpt from: The Way of The Shaman, by Michael Harner

Shamanic Drumming, 10 mins, no call back- Horse Drum
Shamanic Drumming, 10 mins, with call back- Horse Drum
Shamanic Drumming, 20 mins, no call back- Horse Drum
Shamanic Drumming, 20 mins, with call back- Horse Drum

My beautiful hand-made Horse-hide drum which I used for all drumming tracks

**The ‘call back’ is a technique that is used in live Shamanic drumming to signal to the listener/traveller between worlds/meditator that the journey has come to an end rather than having the experience or track just end abrubtly- the drumming will slow down initially and then speed up significantly to allow the listener a few moments to finish whatever experience they are having, say goodbye and thank you to any Guides, Helpers or Spirits they may have encountered along the way, consolidate any wisdom, healing or gifts received and to make their way back to the original point of entrance into the journey or visualisation.**

You can play these tracks directly from the website here or download and save them to your device by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side of each track and selecting ‘download’.

I plan to add more guided journeys and meditations to this list over time and I hope you enjoy them all, please feel free to also share with friends and family and get in contact if you have any feedback, questions or queries about any experiences you might have.

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