Advanced Emotional Healing

Advanced Emotional Pendulum Healing

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Are you searching for deep and lasting emotional healing?

So often we are caught up in our lives, unable to find the time or place to really focus on our issues. We may talk about these problems to others, but that usually does not bring more than temporary relief. And we often find ourselves caught up in constant negative thinking and reactions.

Anna can help you to heal emotions that are the underlying cause of ill health and other life problems.

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This healing method addresses both current emotions from this lifetime (From conception to the present) as well as past life emotions and emotions passed down in families (Generational). 

Rather than taking a psychological route, we approach emotional healing from a completely energetic perspective that involves very little talking about the emotions with the person being healed. The work is mostly done “behind the scenes” avoiding the problems inherent in talk therapy, or self-help emotional healing. We deal purely with the energy of the emotions to allow rapid transformations and release of even the most deeply rooted emotional issues.

During this session, Anna will help you to do the following-

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Identify the primary emotions causing health problems.
Become aware of and resolve any blocks that are present to healing.
Identify and heal emotions from conception, birth, and all ages.
Heal past life emotions and emotions passed on between generations.
And Guide you through the complete healing process after the emotional healing is complete.

If you are frustrated with slow progression of your therapy, than it is time to take a different approach.

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